A Breakthrough Alternative Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy in the Feet: SoftWave Therapy in Tulsa, OK

Published November 24th, 2023 by Chiropractic Wellness Center

Peripheral Neuropathy in the feet can be a challenging condition, characterized by pain, tingling, and numbness. For those seeking a natural, non-invasive solution, Dr. Lance Hoose at Chiropractic Wellness Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers SoftWave Therapy, harnessing the power of electrohydraulic supersonic acoustic waves. This groundbreaking treatment is changing the game in the management of peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

Understanding SoftWave Therapy

SoftWave Therapy utilizes electrohydraulic supersonic acoustic waves to target and alleviate peripheral neuropathy in the feet. These waves, generated by a specialized device, offer a non-invasive and drug-free approach to relieving the discomfort associated with this condition. Let's dive into the science behind SoftWave Therapy and how it can help patients find relief:

Causes and Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy in the Feet

  • Peripheral Neuropathy often results from nerve damage caused by various factors like diabetes, alcoholism, certain medications, toxins, infections, vascular disorders autoimmune disorders, chemo induced, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, idiopathic and more.
  • Common symptoms include pain, tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness, primarily affecting the feet and sometimes the hands.

Decreased Pain and Inflammation

  • SoftWave Therapy delivers electrohydraulic supersonic acoustic waves deep into the affected feet.
  • These waves stimulate the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain relievers, reducing discomfort.
  • By specifically targeting inflamed regions, SoftWave Therapy effectively decreases inflammation, providing rapid relief.

Improved Blood Flow and Circulation via Angiogenesis

  • SoftWave Therapy promotes angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels in the affected feet.
  • Enhanced blood flow results in improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to the damaged nerves.
  • This increased circulation accelerates the body's natural healing processes and helps reduce peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

Tissue Repair and Regeneration via Stem Cell Activation and Migration

  • SoftWave Therapy is remarkable in its ability to activate and mobilize stem cells within the affected area.
  • Stem cells play a crucial role in nerve repair and regeneration.
  • By recruiting these cells to the site of nerve damage, SoftWave Therapy encourages the healing process.

Improved Mobility

  • One of the significant benefits of SoftWave Therapy is the restoration of foot mobility and function.
  • Patients often experience increased flexibility and functionality, making it easier to perform daily activities.

Non-Surgical, Non-Injection, and Drug-Free

  • SoftWave Therapy stands out as a non-surgical, non-injection, and drug-free approach to peripheral neuropathy relief.
  • Unlike invasive procedures or medications that may have unwanted side effects, SoftWave Therapy offers a safe and natural alternative.

Encouraging Nerve Repair and Regeneration

  • SoftWave Therapy not only alleviates symptoms but also encourages nerve repair and regeneration.
  • This makes it an excellent option for addressing the underlying causes of peripheral neuropathy in the feet.

Experience Relief at Chiropractic Wellness Center

Dr. Lance Hoose and his dedicated team at Chiropractic Wellness Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are committed to providing holistic and effective solutions for peripheral neuropathy in the feet. SoftWave Therapy, utilizing electrohydraulic supersonic acoustic waves, is one of the innovative treatments they offer to help patients regain their quality of life and mobility.

If you're living with peripheral neuropathy and seeking natural, non-invasive options, don't hesitate to reach out to Chiropractic Wellness Center at (918) 742-0560. Dr. Hoose and his team are here to help you find relief and improve your overall well-being.

SoftWave Therapy, utilizing electrohydraulic supersonic acoustic waves, offers a groundbreaking natural treatment for peripheral neuropathy in the feet. This treatment addresses decreased pain and inflammation, improved blood flow and circulation via angiogenesis, tissue repair and regeneration through stem cell activation and migration, and enhanced mobility—all without surgery, injections, or medications. If you're in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and struggling with peripheral neuropathy, contact Dr. Lance Hoose at Chiropractic Wellness Center to explore the benefits of SoftWave Therapy and embark on your journey toward a pain-free and mobile life.

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