What is SoftWave TRT?

What is SoftWave TRT?

Exploring SoftWave TRT at Chiropractic Wellness Center with Dr. Lance Hoose

Revolutionizing Regenerative Medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma
At the Chiropractic Wellness Center, led by Dr. Lance Hoose in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we're proud to introduce SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technologies' OrthoGold, a groundbreaking advancement in regenerative medicine. This FDA-cleared technology is celebrated for its high success rates in clinical trials, utilizing patented technology to stimulate the body's natural healing processes at a cellular level.

Innovative Shock Wave Technology: A New Chapter in Healing
SoftWave TRT employs cutting-edge electrohydraulic spark gap technology, combined with a unique parabolic reflector, to produce a supersonic acoustic wave. This wave covers a broad area, promoting accelerated tissue repair and healing, a significant leap in medical technology.

A Commitment to Research and Excellence
With an investment of over $25 million in research and development, SoftWave TRT stands at the forefront of medical innovation. Under Dr. Lance Hoose's guidance, our center in Tulsa offers the most advanced care in tissue regeneration, backed by 46 active patents.

Endorsements from Medical Leaders
SoftWave TRT is trusted by top medical institutions and healthcare providers, including Dr. Lance Hoose. This endorsement places our practice within an elite circle of medical excellence.

Versatile Applications in Healthcare
SoftWave's versatility is evident in its widespread use across various medical fields, including chiropractic care. At our center, we utilize SoftWave TRT for a range of health issues, offering our patients comprehensive care.

A Pioneer in Shockwave Therapy
Founded in 2004, SoftWave TRT has expanded its applications in shockwave therapy, leading to numerous medical breakthroughs. As a provider of this innovative therapy, our center in Tulsa is at the forefront of this field.

Beyond Pain Relief: Holistic Healing
SoftWave TRT goes beyond symptom management, targeting the root causes of pain and dysfunction. At our center, we offer a holistic approach to health and regeneration, addressing a wide array of conditions.

Prioritizing Patient Safety and Comfort
With FDA approval and clearance, SoftWave TRT meets the highest safety standards. Patients at our Tulsa center can trust in receiving safe, comfortable, and effective treatment under Dr. Lance Hoose's care.

Trusted by Professionals and Celebrities
SoftWave's effectiveness is recognized not just in medical circles but also among elite athletes and celebrities, underscoring the therapy's reliability.

Experience SoftWave Therapy in Tulsa
Residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma, can now experience the revolutionary SoftWave Therapy at the Chiropractic Wellness Center with Dr. Lance Hoose. This state-of-the-art treatment offers a pathway to enhanced well-being, helping individuals overcome various health challenges.

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